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Musings, advice and anecdotes from a busy mum.

The Big Reveal…

So, here you have it, the big reveal – not that it was ever really any sort of secret seeing as I announced the new name some months ago on Instagram and Facebook. It’s taken me so long to get off my butt and set the wheels in motion though that most of you had [...]

Change is in the air…

It’s been three months since I posted anything on this blog and there are changes in the air. Before the big name change on Friday I thought I would try and explain a little about why I have been absent. I have had to reassess my blogging goals. I started this blog over a year [...]

Painting Tip

Hi ya’ll, I’ve been super busy buying doors, buying blinds, organising flooring and doing final paint touch ups etc to try and finally get my boy’s room finished so haven’t had a lot of time to post. While I wait for paint to dry though (yes, literally) I thought I would share a quick painting [...]

Homemade Chalk Paint

  First let me apologise for how quiet it’s been on the blogging front lately. It took me a while to get back into the swing of my everyday routine after being sick and then I was without a desk to type at for a week – which gets me to today’s post. Have you [...]

Kitchenware Superstore Review

I jumped on the online shopping bandwagon quite late but when I finally did discover the joys of it I never looked back. I love to shop and I love to trawl the internet – combine the two and it’s like heaven. So when Kitchenware Superstore offered me a $20 voucher to spend on anything [...]

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